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Mistakes to Avoid by Sex Toy Users

To err is human, and mistakes are normal for all sex toy users. If this runs on a repeat mode, things will not go smooth going forward. Well, it’s good to get a sex toy to bed. But that’s not where the story ends. If you want to be good at it, you need to check your hygiene and your partner’s as well. Even if you are alone, you should know the dos and don’ts so that your play sessions don’t suffer.

Some Common Mistakes to Check While Using a Sex Toy

Staying alert in dealing with any adult gadget is a sign of a happy user. Respecting your excitement, it’s advisable to focus on some essential aspects while playing with an adult toy. Be it a vibrator, glass dildo, sex doll, or steel ring, every sex toy deserves the right treatment. So, here are some common sex toy tips for sex toy users for avoiding mistakes:

Cleaning your Toy Casually

There might be several moments when you can act casual. But when it is about cleaning your sex toy, you better stay serious. Bacteria are everywhere and take no time to prey. Imagine the vaginal opening or the glans through which bacteria can enter and bring you dooms day. So, clean your toy properly with a toy cleaner or a mild soapy solution. Remember, safety comes first, pleasure is secondary!

Choosing a Toy in Trend

Do not confuse fashion with a sex toy. You can go for trendy outfits but never pick a sex toy that is riding on popularity. Erotic toys or accessories in trend will never guarantee you satisfaction. You might want a rabbit vibrator for dual stimulation and not an anal vibrator initially. The anal vibrator might be in the news but you have to focus on what you want. Do not forget that anal stimulation will not be the same as the clitoral or vaginal one.

Considering a Toy to Play Alone

It’s a horrible myth that sex toys are best for solos. No, they aren’t! If you browse an online sex toy store in Dubai, you will be surprised to come across a massive collection for couple sex toy users. Of course, you can go for a spider sower masturbator to play alone. But if you are going for foreplay, your girl can also help you play it and cum. It depends on how you treat your sex toy. But this does not mean you will have fun using a strap-on alone.

Picking the Wrong Lube

Sex toy users should go technical at times. For instance, not all lubricants are perfect for all adult toys. This is why experts insist on checking the toy material and their compatibility with a lube’s nature. However, most toy materials go well with oil and silicone-based lubes. These take care of the rough surface of the vagina and make it moist for easy penetration. Hence, picking the wrong lube is one of the worst sex toy mistakes.

Walking to a Brick & Mortar Store

One of the common mistakes is walking all the way to a physical sex toy store for sex toy shopping. You lose out on variety, time, and communication. Once you step into a shop, you are shown limited products as per the space. But the variety comes huge online, and this is no less a benefit for sex toy users. Besides, you can take your time and browse till you get your desired one. Forget embarrassment because an online store also promises discreet delivery at your doorstep. So, shopping for sex toys and erotic accessories is wise online.

Last Words

A desire or curiosity to use a sex toy is normal for a human. But all sex toy users should be attentive during usage. The more alert you stay with your sex toy, the better it is for your health and mindset. Whichever sex toy you wish to get home, make it a point to clean it regularly. Be a wise buyer and a great player always because good performances depend on how want it.

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